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#DUKRANA THIRUNNAL- The Solemn Feast of Apostle #St #Thomas July 3rd The Syriac word 'Dukhrana' means remembrance or memory. On Dukhrana Thirunnal Day on July 3rd, Syro-Malabar Christians commemorate the martyrdom of St Thomas, their beloved Apostle every year. Dukhrana Thirunnal is the Great Solemn Feast of St Thomas, one of the 12 Apostles chosen by Lord Jesus Christ. He was sent by the Lord to spread His Gospel of Eternal Salvation to the people of India in AD 52. According to the Church history, it was on a July 3rd the apostle was martyred on Parangi Malai in Madras (now St Thomas Mount in Chennai). It is a great day of high significance for the Christians in India particularly the South Indian Christians and Syrian Christians of Kerala. The Solemn Festival Day of St Thomas is observed piously and spiritually with great pomp and gaiety. It is a holiday for all the institutions run by the Catholic Church in Kerala. For the Catholic Christians of Kerala, it is a Holy day of obligation. Holy Masses are celebrated in most Churches in par with the Sunday schedules. There are spiritual celebrations and huge rush of pilgrims on St Thomas mount (where the Apostle was assassinated) and at Santhome Church, Mylapore Chennai (where the sacred body is buried and a holy relic is venerated). Both these places are witnessing a number of great miracles by the intercession of the Saint with the power of the Holy Name of Lord Jesus. May the Holy Name of God be Glorified. Amen...!